Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Part 3: Getting to Know Me (Adaptability - Am I a Social Chameleon?)

I remembered my time in Sabah. Its not a short getaway as I was there for 8 days and 7 nights. I spent 5 nights with Ridzuan's family in Kota Belud. His family house is a modern kampung house, hand built from ground up by his dad. His dad is not a professional contractor. He is a civil servant. An honest and hardworking one.

My mom's house in Johor looks somewhat the same as their house. So, I was comfortable spending several nights there. I was warned by his sister that their house is somewhat warm during the day and sometime at night. I was a bit worried at first. I can handle sleeping in freezing coldness but not hot. I can't sleep if I'm sweating. I must say I was quite nervous. 

When I first arrived at the house, it was a hot day. So I'm like... "She was not exaggerating when she said it's gonna be hot in here". However, the heat did not bother me 1 bit. There were a few nights when there were no electricity due to heavy rain. I wan not bothered. There was 1 morning when there is no running water, I was not bothered as well. There was 1 night which I hardly sleep due to stomachache, I was bothered by my stomach and that's it. I made my self several cups of black tea and made my self at home.

Looking back at these memories made me think to my self, how did I get so comfortable.  Its a foreign setting. Its been awhile since I was put in such setting. My late grandparents in Johor past aware for more than 10 years now. 

Truth be told, I was at ease. The nights when there was no electricity, I was not disturbed by it. I just sit quietly with my tablet, reading. Normally there will be mosquitoes biting me in the dark but there were none that I could remember of.

I give thanks to Allah for granting me ease all the time. Staying with a new family could get really awkward however, not in my case. There were  awkward moments, but I got through them with Allah's will.

Back to the question. Am I a Social Chameleon? 

I cannot say I am. I can strike a conversation with strangers. No issue. But I could be an awkward person when I am put in a strange uncomfortable settings.Uncomfortable settings to me is weddings, family gatherings, company functions. I took a bit of time to get comfortable. I could hardly blend in well with those settings. Or is it just a feeling of awkwardness in my head?

I do not know for sure. I pray that Allah is pleased with me and that is why He grant me such ease whilst I was spending my time in Sabah.

All praises to Allah.

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