Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fresh Start

20 Nov 1987 is the date Dunham Bush Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated. Today is 20 Nov, so happy 26th birthday DBI!

I joined this company 2 weeks ago, 6 Nov 2013. Its a fresh start for me in corporate world. The staffs are friendly, the benefits are good and most importantly, I have a cool boss.

Work wise, its all good at the moment. I am exposed to corporate restructuring, trademarks and IP issues, contracts, banking, litigation, industrial relation in short, wide exposure. Everyday I learn new things, meet new people and overcome new challenges.

There are a lot to tell but no mood to write at the moment. I was told that I need to finish my annual leave before January. Probably I'm taking a leave on my mom's bday. Treat her to something special.

Update you guys later.

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