Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weight Loss Challenge Update Day (2nd Week)

It has been a tough journey. I am overly tired today. Not sure whether it is because I am mentally stressed or physically tired. Work has been a challenge but fun nonetheless so I am grateful.

Updating the blog everyday is a huge challenge for me so today I will going to sum up everything I have done and eat for the past 2 weeks.

Gym Training
Started on 30th March. I tried to go every single day but due to family's plan etc, I missed 5 days of gym day. I feel sore and aching and so tired today. Really want to take a day off and just retire to bed early. But then, I would feel so guilty since I have yet to see any prominent change in my body.

Been trying to cut down on oily and salty food as well as sugary drinks. Been failing when it comes to my morning coffee. But I do try to cut down the consumption. I take that as progress nonetheless. Usual food nowadays consist of sandwiches, omelettes, soups, lots of eggs inspired dishes, lots of cucumber and tomatoes salads and granola with oats and milk.

My personal take
Gym is a struggle but I know its paying off. Pants starting to loosened. Sweating makes me feel good. Body is not as achy. Just the lethargy, I'm still struggling with each day. Food preparation, i dont mind. Its simple actually. Just need to get creative with what you have. Cost wise, it can get expensive. Expensive items; milk and fresh veggies. Otherwise, its bearable. 

Till then!

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