Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Attitude of Gratefulness at Work

I had a pretty rough weekend last week. On Sunday I ended up in a bookstore just reading. Its been awhile since I have the chance to just sit and read. With being online getting more and more interesting due to cool apps, enhance gadget etc, its easy to forget to maintain my reading habit.

I managed to read (skim through to be exact) 3 books. 1 about migrating to Australia, 1 titled "Unlocking Happiness At Work" (I know the title coz I took a snapshot for Instagram #vain) and the last 1 was Nomadic Matt's book. How to travel the World with $50 per day (or something like that). All 3 were so interesting, but today I'm just going to touch on book no. 2.

The titled was pretty relevant to me and my colleague after what we've been through at work last week. She was under so much pressure that she cried in the office. 2 days she cried (not continuously of coz). Somehow she couldn't process our boss guidance positively. She admitted that she is not the most positive person and when she was being told off/advice in a very strong manner, she tends to look at it very, very negatively. She really feel that the boss doesn't like her or she is so slow and bad that the boss cannot tolerate her anymore etc.

I shared with her a summarized content of the book. Thought about buying the book initially but when I saw repeating points in the book, I feel that its not worth buying. 1 main point in her book is that you have to have the attitude of gratitude. The author make reference to many test to measure happiness. They asked test subject (employee) to spend 3 minutes each day to write down the things they are grateful for at the start of work. The test result shows that those who does that are happier than those who didn't.

I have read this recurring subject before. Rhonda Bernes in her book The Secret mentioned it and several other self help book also use the same point simply because it really works. So, today I am grateful for the chance to update this blog, I am grateful for the amazing company I am working for and I am super grateful for the amazing life I have today, to be able to breathe fresh cool air this morning.

Have a wonderful day ahead peeps!

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