Wednesday, December 28, 2016

iflix - personal review

In case you people in Malaysia has been living under a rock or in a cave, I'm sure you know we now have iflix, To me its a malaysian version of netflix.

Basically its an online portal where you get to watch tv shows, movies, documentaries etc. Its like Astro minus the annoying advertisement. Besides the fact that its is ads free, newly registered unifi user enjoys free iflix access for 12 months.

So, that is how i've been spending my free time. watching so much tv shows and old movies. My current addiction is Victoria (i purposely leave 2 more episodes until the 2nd season starts) and 2 broke girls. This is a comedy and quite entertaining. I'm rooting for the girls to finally be successful.

I just started watching Scandal and finally be able to catch up with Castle. I am eagerly waiting for the new season for Grimm. I tried watching the Witches of East Side but the script is so frustrating that I gave up after the 4th episode.

As for the collections of movies, there were a lot of movies but pretty old. Hope that iflix could update their movies collection soon.

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